I have been working in education since 2013, when I co-founded – at first an informal collective, and later a foundation – Paper Beats Rock, focused on non-institutional and workshop education in the field of visuality, photography, work with an image and storytelling. In 2014, we started a series of Points workshops focused on combining threads related to the sociology of urban space, microsociology and photographic work.

We run workshops in many major cultural and educational institutions including: the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Ośrodku Postaw Twórczych in Wrocław, PWSFTViT, the Miejska Galeria Arsenał, Pauza Gallery or as part of the Fotofestival.

In 2015, I stopped cooperating with the foundation and together with Paweł Starzec and Jan Rogało we established the informal educational and publihing collective Azimuth Press, in which we continue to work with various cultural institutions and universities in the field of visual education. For two years I have also been conducting regular classes at the ZPAF Photographic Studio.

Just like a strong theoretical basis, I believe in the importance of doing things with your hands. During my time at Academy I learned traditional techniques of workshop graphics such as lithography or linocut. I learned bookbing, and now I deepen this knowledge in courses. I also printed zines in various techniques, including a risograph. I believe that knowledge of many production processes is not only an inspiration, but also a basis that allows the designer to later embed my activities in the context of technical and formal possibilities.


ZPAF, Warsaw – Academic course on book design, 2019/20 

ZPAF, Warsaw – Academic course on book design, 2018/19

Krakow Photomonth Festival, 2018
Fotofestival, Łódź, 2018
TIFF, Wrocław [w / Azimuth Press], 2018
Sztuka Wyboru, Trójmiasto [w / Azimuth Press], 2018
Photobook Club Trójmiasto [w / Azimuth Press], 2018
Leica Gallery, Warszawa [w / Azimuth Press], 2017
Odessa/Batumi Photo Days, Odessa, 2017
School of Form, Poznań, 2016
Polis(h) Photo Lab, Witebsk (as part of Association of Creative Initiatives "ę" program), 2016

CPK, Warsaw [w / Azimuth Press], 2016
państwomiasto, Warsaw [w / PBR foundation], 2015
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw [w / PBR foundation], 2015
Służewski Dom Kultury, Warsaw [w / PBR foundation], 2014
Fotofestival, Łódź [w / PBR foundation], 2014
Warsaw Photo Days Festival, Warsaw [w / PBR foundation], 2013
Akademia Fotografii x Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales, Kraków [w / PBR foundation], 2013
Pauza Gallery, Kraków [w / PBR foundation], 2013
Print Control Week, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, [w / PBR foundation], 2013
OPT, Wrocław [w / PBR foundation], 2013