What exactly happens in a recently discovered area between the first footstep and the creation of an objective, intersubjective map? I was interested in this gradual shift from personal to neutral, and tried to catch the intuitive image of Augé’s non-places.
Mentioned in the title of this work, the points of reference worked as frameworks for creating a personal topography. I photographed them in a way of relating to the topography – focused photographic narrations, and transferred those photographs into a list of benchmarks.

The final form of the project, a newspaper, was a choice relating both to the terms of a newspaper actuality, and to the desired properties of this form of printing. I designed the whole newspaper in a simple, pure manner, almost without text, and with wholespread photographs.
This project is a part of my ongoing conceptual studies on relation between the space and its picturing, and on the whole process of mapping.

photo: pawelstarzec.com