Book Design
Photo Wdition
Project Management

Client / Photography – Michał Matejko
Text – Krzysztof Pijarski

Michał Matejko is a promising polish photographer and contemporary artist. We worked together on his diploma project for National Film School (PWSFTiTV) in Lodz, called Obcy.

„Obcy” in polish is both a noun and an adjective, meaning extraneous, alien or out of place. This ambiguity is important for proper reception of Michał’s work - a photographic project that at first glance tells a story about a small, secluded district of Warsaw known for inscrutable occurences connected to extraterestial beings, but in fact is more a story about deception and on drawing conclusions to envision what one’s willing to see.

I designed the book, with a black cardboard cover alluding to administrative file holder design, to underline scientific manner of Matejko’s work. Cover contains an official document about UFO sightings, the main book and introductory text by Krzysztof Pijarski, hidden under the placed book. We also had worked together on picture edition and sequence.

photo: pawelstarzec.com