Layout Design
Cover Design
Art Direction

Client / Publisher – Kukumag
Editor in chief - Katarzyna Frenczak-Sito
Fonts - Avenir + Plantin

First, Kukumag was online magazine and educational platform created by Katarzyna Frenczak-Sito, focused on spreading knowledge about montessori. I was asked to design modern magazine for self-aware parents, who want to raise their children in an atmosphere of acceptance and independence, cultivating their love of nature and science.

Each numer has its own pallete made from five colors, which are important to navigate in the magazine and some of them are also used on the cover. All covers are illustrative interpretations of the main theme. My intention was to design a transparent layout with lots of light. To add dynamics, I used two contrasting fonts - geometric Avenir and classic Plantin. I wanted the mood to reflect the Montessori philosophy - to be harmonious, beautiful but also utilitarian. This is a unique situation where I design each issue, I do photoedition and together with the editor we create original value.

photo: pawelstarzec.com