book design
photo edition

client / photography – Karol Grygoruk
photoedition – Paweł Starzec, Karol Grygoruk, Martyna Wyrzykowska
texts – Paweł Starzec, Wiktoria Michałkiewicz
publisher – self-published
print – Chromapress

I Love You Dad is a debut monographic photobook by Karol Grygoruk, photographer dealing with documentary and non-fiction projects. The book is focused on Thailand and it’s political and social landscape. Photographing youths, excessive police forces, enormous wealth, ghetto districts, and omnipresent photographs of the King himself, Grygoruk paints a portrait of extremely stratified society.

Whole book was designed to correspond with aesthetics of Grygoruk’s photography, which is strongly influenced by the classics of american non-fiction photographers. The format was chosen due to the frame proportions, as all photographs are printed full-spread, in effect creating dense, stuffy, almost oppressive stream of images, impossible to absord in one take.

I was also taking part in the photo editing process, and helped to create the main narration of the book.

photo: pawelstarzec.com