book design

client / publisher – Instytut Architektury
editors – Wiktoria Szczupacka, Emilia Kiecko
photography – Antonina Gugała
print – Chromapress
fonts – Alergia Normal + Podium by Mateusz Machalski

„Czuły modernizm. Społeczna historia Mistera Warszawy. 50 lat razem” (Tender Modernism. Social history of the Master of Warsaw. 50 years together). In 1970, the building at 5 Promyka Street, popularly known as the "plank", received the title of Warsaw’s Mister 1969. Today, fifty years later, many of its first tenants still live in it and they formed a close community. Book’s editors talked to residents and historians about the phenomenon of this building, it’s history and social background.

Cover and layout are inspired by modernism in polish graphic design.