album cover

client / music - Mazut
label - BDTA
distinction prize at Polish Best Album Covers Competition

Mazut is an industrial / techno project from Warsaw, Poland. Combining plundered samples from various, equally grime sources with heavy rhythmics, Mazut mix it with many layers of wall noise and feedback, creating a wall of menacing sound with an elegance of a steamroller. The band also draws a lot of inspiration from industrial / power electronics scene and it’s aesthetics.

I’d designed the cover for Mazut’s first album #1. The first release was the one that set the direction in which the band was heading, so the cover corresponds with that, and brings together their explorations. Whole project is kept in aesthetics of old school electronics scene, with very minimalistic approach. It’s mostly based on subtle typography, and a circle diagram - inspired by the way that sound is visualised.